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    Rock Stacker Kombucha in Flagstaff uses traditional brewing methods, producing premium non-alcoholic (ABV<0.5%) Kombucha. Using Rainforest safe Black Tea,  Organic Cane Sugar and Mountain Water our Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)  finishes the fermentation process with a mild tanginess. With NO ADDED SUGAR we flavor our Kombucha with Arizona grown Lavender. 

    Our Story

    Rock Stacker Kombucha canning on Oktober seamer in Flagstaff, AZ.

    I started brewing Kombucha in 2015 with a single 1-gallon jar. My growing love for Kombucha made me want to share this premium beverage with my friends and family.  Rock Stacker continues to make Kombucha in small batches, with culture. 

    Producing a low-sugar and low-alcohol alternative beverage that tastes great is my focus. 

    Our Mission

    Rock Stacker Kombucha with Flagstaff, AZ passion to be outside

    Rock Stacker’s Mission is to produce premium Kombucha for everyone to share and enjoy. The Adelene Penguin mascot represents the passion for sharing what we love to do outdoors. These penguins collect and stack rocks, similiar to a cairn. Just as cairns make a path known in the outdoors, Rock Stacker wants people to share their passions, so others may experience the enjoyment you find on your life’s path. 


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